A Photography Guide to

the Land of Fire and Ice

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A Portrait of Iceland

A Photography Guide to

the Land of Fire and Ice


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Páll Jökull Pétursson, professional photographer, guide and author, was born and raised in Iceland. He has created this book using all of his years of experience and his knowledge of this rugged and beautiful island nation. Here you will find not only all of the iconic Icelandic photographic sites, but also the little known, but outstanding, places to capture unique and beautiful images.


Chapter one is filled with practical information on what you need to ensure a great photography experience, not the usual general photography advice. Páll also includes travel information to make getting around the country as trouble free as possible. Things like cell phone service, use of credit cards, bug spray (you won't need it), rain gear and dozens of other useful tips not found in other guide books can be found in Páll's book.


But most importantly, the book is filled with scores of beautiful images from all over the country. Each photo has a brief description and the location marked on a small map of the country. After seeing these wonderful photos, you will be inspired to go to Iceland and exercise your own creativity.

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