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Community covers a broad area of projects with a purpose of improving our quality of life.

Recent Projects

Mount Gilead.

This film shows how Mt. Gilead has had to reinvent itself to survive. The transition from a small farming community to a textile mill town, and now a more diversified economy, has had a major impact on the lives of its citizens, in their jobs, and their way of life.

Medical Missionaries has been providing medical services, equipment and supplies to the people of Haiti and the Dominican Republic for more than 20 years. The organization also provides food and other vital services to the very poor residents of these island nations. In addition Medical Missionaries ships medical and other supplies to over 50 other countries and to disaster sites including many in the United States. More than 99% of the donations they receive goes directly to helping the poor and helpless. Doctors, nurses and many other volunteers donate their time and talents to help in this humanitarian service. They asked us to create this film to document their first twenty years of service.

Transit Orientated Development.

How can the Virginia Railway Express better serve the citizens of Prince William County? Coordinating the rail expansion plans with the county's development plan is the first step. PWCA wanted a video to express their opinion on this critical issue in a very congested county.

Farm to Table.

We produced this film for a local soil and water organization to promote the use of local farmers as sources for meat and plant food products by home cooks and restaurants. 

Hydroponic Farming. 

This short film illustrates how one farmer converted his lettuce production from traditional dirt farming methods to hydroponic. This method not only saves huge amounts of water, it produces a cleaner, more attractive product, and it can be produced year round.

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