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Conservation is at the heart of our mission. We work with individual and organizations as well as our own projects, to promote saving our natural areas for enjoyment, research and the benefit of our overall environment.

Recent Projects

Little Orange Creek. This very short film was used by a land conservation trust for fund raising to save an important site located in central Florida. Films are often the best way to show potential donors the beauty and environmental benefits of saving sites such as this. It is the next best way of showing the property other than an actual field trip. 

Heading 2

The Outer Banks of North Carolina. This is a short films promoting our book on all of the nature areas on the Outer Banks and nearby mainland. It has photos and information on more than 40 parks, refuges and nature areas that are open to the public.

Christmas Bird Count. The annual bird count is one of many activities offered by a local organization dedicated to preserving open areas and the environment.

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