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Climate change is clearly is most significant threat to our long term survival. Our projects have focused on working with groups and individuals to show what can be done at the local level to try to turn the tide.

Recent Projects

Coal Ash, An Unacceptable Gamble

Coal Ash is a waste by-product created from burning coal in furnaces used to produce steam to operate electric generators by utilities all over the United States. The waste has traditionally been placed on site in shallow ponds. The material contains many toxic chemicals that can contaminate ground water supplies as well as escape into nearby streams and rivers.

We created this film for the Potomac River Keeper for their campaign to force Dominion Energy to dispose of their 4 million cubic yards of coal ash in a safe and responsible way.

Sweetwater Wetlands Park

The city of Gainesville Florida had a serious water quality problem caused by stormwater runoff and outdated water treatment facilities. This contaminated water fed directly into Florida's largest aquifer and affected the drinking water most of Florida and parts of Georgia.

This film is the story of how the city developed a facility that not only solved the problem, and cost much less than adding on to existing chemical and mechanical filtering systems. The engineered wetland tcreated became a major wildlife habitat which became a significant eco-tourist attraction.

PWC Landfill Energy Projects

A Virginia Sanitary Landfill is an award winning operation that uses the latest technology to manage waste in a cost effective way and in a way that is environmentally responsible. This film tells how they are taking the methane generated by the decomposing trash and using it to generate electricity equivalent to that used by 5000 homes.

Residential Solar Installation

We talk to a homeowner and contractor about a recent solar installation on a house in Manassas, Virginia.

Opinion: Charles Hagan, MD on Climate Change

Dr. Charles Hagan gives his views on the effects of climate change.

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